Ask an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer: What Personal Injury Laws Might Affect My Claim?

Ask an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer What Personal Injury Laws Might Affect My Claim

Being injured by another person or company can be overwhelming. You try to recover while worrying about how you will pay your bills, support your family, and get back to normal. Filing an insurance claim or lawsuit might help. But how will you know what personal injury laws might affect your claim? Asking an Indiana personal injury lawyer is a great first step!

Find Out if Your Case Has Merit

Not every injury leads to a personal injury lawsuit. When you meet with an attorney, you will discuss the facts of your case. The attorney will ask questions and make notes. After analyzing your situation, attorneys typically let you know what course of action you should take.

With your attorney’s help, you will learn more about how personal injury laws apply to your situation.

Your Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer Understands Deadlines

You only have a certain amount of time to file your lawsuit. Under Indiana law, you must file cases involving injuries to person, character, or personal property within two (2) years after the date the cause of action accrues. In many cases, the clock starts ticking on the date the injury occurs.

You don’t have unlimited time to file your lawsuit. Make sure you talk to your Indiana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after you are harmed.

Who Caused and Contributed to Your Injuries?

It’s not always easy to know exactly why an accident happened. Sometimes, more than one person is responsible.

Indiana laws use comparative fault to decide who pays what in a personal injury case. Basically, courts may reduce your compensation if you contributed to the accident that caused your injuries. Your Indiana personal injury lawyer can let you know how liability could affect your award for damages.

Economic and Non-Economic Damages You Can Claim

Personal injury claims generally seek one or both of the following damages.

Economic damages relate to financial losses and bills, including:

  • Current and future medical bills;
  • Loss of income and earning ability
  • Repair or replacement of personal property

However, non-economic damages can be a little more challenging to measure. For example, “pain and suffering” is a potential non-economic damage you might pursue in a personal injury case.

An Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer Can Answer Your Questions About Personal Injury

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