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  • Dropping off paperwork is allowed at all locations as long as a mask is worn.
  • We will make in-person and hospital visits in extraordinary circumstances.
  • We will make accident scene visits in extraordinary circumstances.
  • All other inquiries will be processed by mail. For years, Dailey Lawyers has had experience with processing claims over the phone and by mail, so we are well versed in this process.
  • We will continue to zealously advocate for you to the best of our abilities within these given circumstances. So, if you have questions regarding your current claim, or would like to get a claim started, please call our office to speak with a representative today.

Firm Overview

Since 1927, the Dailey Lawyers have taken up the cause of people injured due to the negligence of others as well as those charged with a criminal offense. We have proudly won millions of dollars for clients injured in the U.S. or abroad. Their words speak volumes about our work:

Our Practice Areas

Defective Equipment

Injured by a defective product? Whether it is a drug that causes harmful side effects or death, a faulty medical device, or safety devices that fail to protect, victims of defective products need a skilled legal advocate to fight for their right to be fairly compensated.

Personal Injury

When accidents happen, lives can change in an instant.  The effects of an accident can linger for years, further devastating the lives of the victims and their families.  Having a trusted legal advocate on your side can make a big difference in your recovery, both physically and financially.

Medical Malpractice

Serious illness and injury are always difficult to cope with, but when further injury or even death are caused by medical professionals, the distress can be even more profound because a trust has been violated. Medical malpractice claims require the right lawyer with the right experience and training.

Criminal Law

We have many years of experience defending good people in bad situations, and use our skills to investigate all the possibilities for defending your case, keeping your record clear, and avoiding harsh penalties like a jail sentence. Let us champion your defense.

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