Firm History

Building Trust Since 1927

The year is 1927. Calvin Coolidge is in the White House. Charles Lindbergh flew The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic nonstop. Henry Ford unveiled the Model A. Hollywood produced The Jazz Singer, the first “talkie” that ended the silent film era. And the first transatlantic telephone call was placed between New York and London.

In the midst of all this early 20th-century progress, John A. Dailey, Jr. — along with his brother Edward (who joined in 1935) and his cousin Thomas, a decorated U.S. Naval Officer (Joined in 1945 after tours of duty in WW2 in the European and Pacific War Zones). Dailey and Dailey Law Firm in Burlington, Iowa, now Dailey Law Firm, PC saw the law as a calling to use the tools of society in dogged pursuit of your legal goals and challenges. It was and continues to be a relentless and passionate quest for justice and to fulfill our promise to you and all our clients to right the wrongs and seek your compensation for injury or your acquittal of all criminal charges.

The Dailey Lawyers, 2d generation Irish Immigrants, were all too familiar with the signs reading “Irish Need Not Apply” and were deeply moved in their cores. This is the reason that for over 90 years the Dailey Lawyers have taken on your cases with a limitless passion for winning. We will win for you to whether you are seeking compensation for an injury or you are accused of any State or Federal criminal violation.

Today, that passion still runs deep in The Dailey Law Firm, now led by the 5th generation of the Daileys, CEO, and Senior Litigator Brian Dailey and his team are ready to take action.

Your Case is Our Cause.

For more than 90 years, the Dailey Law Firm has passionately represented people facing legal challenges following an accident or those who have been charged with a crime.  We know that helping people is really about getting results.  And whether those results come from an aggressively negotiated settlement or a trial, we’re not afraid to take on large corporations, insurance companies, or the government to get you the justice you deserve.

Because we focus on personal injury and criminal law, we have developed an extensive knowledge and experience base that is invaluable to our clients. Our attorneys are recognized leaders in their areas of practice, having handled cases in courts throughout the U.S. at the state and federal level.

We know that the matters our clients trust us with are more than just legal cases. At stake are the lives, families and livelihoods of people who place their trust in our attorneys. We reciprocate with a fierce commitment to our clients that delivers results.

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