Injured Abroad

Whether you are traveling abroad for work or pleasure, the reality is that you can be injured anywhere.  So what happens if you are injured while on an international vacation or working and living in another country?  The answer is: it depends.

Most countries do have laws in place that allow injured people to receive compensation for their injuries.  However, these laws vary by country and are usually very different from U.S. personal injury law.

For example, if you travel to another country for a medical procedure — something that has become quite popular and is known as “medical tourism” — you need to know that U.S. medical malpractice law does not apply.  The country’s laws where you had your medical procedure done will govern your ability to obtain compensation for any injuries.

If you are injured while staying at a hotel and that hotel is part of a U.S.-based chain, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim in the U.S. where you don’t have to worry about international law.

Since there are so many factors when it comes to pursuing a personal injury claim abroad, it is critical that you talk with an attorney experienced in international personal injury law to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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