Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Lawyer is who you need if you are facing a criminal charge in Michigan. You need someone on your side, looking out for your interests.

It won’t be the judge, who is supposed to be neutral, but are increasingly getting tougher on defendants, in court process and sentencing.

It won’t be the police. They arrested you, and will testify against you if necessary, as a witness for the prosecution. Even if they are fair, they are there to help get you convicted.

It won’t be the prosecutor, who is focus on a large caseload, and conviction rates. Even a fair district attorney isn’t likely to make the extra effort to treat you compassionately if you are looking to plead guilty.

When you are called into court, and you hear them say “The case of the state of Michigan vs. You”, you will truly understand that the full force of the government wants to find you guilty. The state does not care about what is fair.

But we do. We are criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Our only job is to fight for you. And that’s what we do, in criminal courts across Michigan, from misdemeanor cases like OWIdrug possessionreckless driving, probation violations, and assault, to serious felony cases like Fraud, Bad Checks, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery, Burglary, Delivery and Manufacture of Drugs, Possession of Narcotics, Gun Charges, Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, Homicide, Manslaughter, Probation and Parole Violations where your life and freedom are on the line. We also handle Michigan Secretary of State cases like reinstatement of driver’s license and others before the DLAD. The defense attorneys from The Dailey Law Firm are committed to helping you.

Even if you think you are guilty, and just want to plead and move on with your life, you need quality criminal defense representation to make sure you are treated fairly.

Please contact us for our free case evaluation on any criminal charge in Michigan. We can help you evaluation your options, and figure out what you can do to help yourself get out from under a serious criminal charge, a permanent criminal record for life, a driver’s license suspension that could cost you your livelihood, and more…

We can help.

That is what The Dailey Law Firm is dedicated to. We help people, just like yourself, who find themselves up against the Michigan criminal justice system. When you need someone who is on your side, call us. Find out what we can do for you in a free Michigan criminal defense legal consultation.

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