Class Action & Mass Tort

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product that has also injured many other people, you may be eligible to file a mass torts claim.  In mass tort actions, one company is typically sued by a group of individual plaintiffs based on injuries caused by a single common product.

You may already be familiar with high-profile mass tort actions frequently in the news like Roundup. This Monsanto product is currently the most popular herbicide in the world for agricultural use as well as commercial and residential landscaping.

More than 42,700 plaintiffs claim Roundup causes a cancer called non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A majority of their lawsuits allege that Monsanto deliberately falsified documents and hid information from consumers that glyphosate — the main ingredient in Roundup — can be harmful to humans.

Hundreds of lawsuits have also been filed against JUUL, claiming that the e-cigarette maker’s products are defective and dangerous.  Plaintiffs also allege that JUUL marketed its products to minors, thereby promoting nicotine use.

Mass tort suits are different from class action suits.  In a mass tort action, each injured party has an individual claim and will receive a separate trial.  In a class action, many plaintiffs are not considered individually and there is only one trial.

Mass torts and class actions are specialized areas of the law and you need an experienced mass torts/class action law firm on your side to fight for your right to be compensated fairly for your injuries.

Monsanto Roundup

You’ve been farming these same fields for generations … feeding the world and you thought you had a trusted partner in Monsanto … Monsanto assured you that its’ Roundup was safe. you might have even heard that Roundup was so safe you could drink it.

Now you know better … Monsanto’s Roundup has been judged by 3 juries to cause cancer. In nutshell, the juries were convinced by the evidence that Monsanto Roundup Causes Cancer and that Monsanto knew that Roundup caused cancer but they ignored the clear signs and refused to test and investigate to protect their customers from getting cancer. Instead, they hired biased and unethical scientists to concoct a false message that Monsanto Roundup was safe. Then they hired teams of journalists, lobbyists, and marketing professionals to falsely proclaim that Monsanto’s Roundup was safe – even convincing the FDA that it was safe and did not require further study.

Brian has obtained a number of multimillion-dollar settlements and resolutions for his clients. He is ready to take on the challenge of fighting Monsanto for its dishonesty and to obtain compensation for its many victims for causing them cancer by failing to warn of the risks associated with exposure to Monsanto Roundup.

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