10 Types of Personal Injury Damages

10 Types of Personal Injury Damages

Car accidents, slip-and-falls, animal bites, and medical malpractice can all give rise to a personal injury claim. While the details of the injury-causing incident vary, the damages that might be eligible for compensation are often similar. Let’s look at 10 of the most common types of personal injury damages. If you have ever had a personal injury case, you probably recognize most of them.

#1.  Past Medical Expenses

When someone else causes your injuries, they should definitely pay for your medical expenses. However, in this context, ‘past’ medical expenses refers only to the expenses you incur after the accident and before you settle or receive a jury award.

#2.  Current and Future Medical Costs

At the time your case ends, you might still be under a doctor’s care. In many cases, personal injury victims face weeks, months, or even years of medical treatment. Personal injury damages often cover anticipated medical costs in addition to bills for treatment you have already received.

#3.  Lost Wages

Sometimes people are unable to work because of injuries caused by another person’s negligence. If this happened to you, you might suspect you are just out of luck and will never recover the money you lost. However, you and your attorney can add lost wages to the personal injury damages you demand from the at-fault person.

#4.  Loss of Future Earnings/Earning Capacity

Lost wages happen right after the accident. However, some people will lose their ability to work and earn money in the future. Why should you suffer financially for years because of someone else’s careless actions?

#5.  Household Expenses

Some types of personal injury damages are less obvious than others. For example, household expenses do not seem related at all. However, seriously-injured people sent home from the hospital are not necessarily able to clean and maintain their homes. When you have to hire housecleaners or maintenance guys because of another person’s negligence, it only seems fair that the other person should pay for those unexpected expenses.

#6.  Cost of Canceling Trips

This type of personal injury damages seems unusual, but consider the following scenario:

Mike and Carol have booked a lengthy cruise to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. But before their departure date, a speeding driver puts an abrupt end to their dream vacation. As Mike recovers from severe head and spine trauma, the cruise is the last thing on his mind. However, he and Carol paid in advance, and their tickets are nonrefundable. They might be able to demand compensation from the at-fault driver. It might seem minor compared to Mike’s medical bills and lost wages, but why should Mike and Carol have to absorb the costs?

#7.  Pain and Suffering

Some personal injury damages are called ‘economic’ damages because you can prove the amount of damages. For example, your past medical bills are well-documented and easy to add up.

Other damages are ‘non-economic’ and are not exactly backed up by tangible evidence, like invoices or bills. Pain and suffering falls into this category.

#8.  Mental Anguish

Accident victims may feel anxiety, depression, and fear for a long time after their accident. Mental anguish can become debilitating. In some cases, people get compensation for personal injury damages related to mental anguish.

#9.  Loss of Consortium

The term loss of consortium means:

“Deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship … due to injuries caused by a tortfeasor.”

It might be challenging to calculate, but it’s one of the potential personal injury damages you might include in a lawsuit.

#10.  Punitive Damages

Not every lawsuit ends with an award for punitive damages. This may be one of the more elusive types of personal injury damages.

Punitive means punishment. When a jury or judge awards punitive damages to one party, they are punishing the other party for causing the first party’s injuries.

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