4 Reasons to Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

4 Reasons to Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

There are so many government programs, it is sometimes hard to keep them all straight. But it is important to understand the benefits available to you if you are ever in need of them. For example, you might have heard of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. From the name, it’s obvious that the benefits are offered by the Social Security Administration (Social Security) and that disability plays a part. However, will you know when it is time to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits? Consider the following four reasons:

#1.  You have a disabling condition.

A serious condition can slowly worsen, like arthritis, or happen quickly, like a heart attack. Either way, sometimes people have to curtail their normal activities because of a disease or illness. One definition of “disabling condition” indicates that a physical or mental issue prevents a person from performing normal personal care tasks without assistance.

However, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are paid to people who can no longer work because of their condition.

#2.  You are unable to work because of your condition.

Every year, roughly 8.5 million people receive a Social Security benefit based on disability. If you are unable to work because of your medical condition, consider applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. So, you are not alone.

Part of the Social Security’s definition of disability states that you might be considered disabled if you are no longer able to engage in substantially gainful activity or SGA. This means that Social Security has decided you can no longer perform tasks you previously did to earn a living. Social Security also determines whether your skills could transfer to a new job or not.

#3.  You need to support yourself and/or your family.

We all need money to pay our bills. Having a disabling condition does not change that. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are provided to help people support themselves when they are disabled.

In addition, your family members might qualify for Social Security benefits based on your disability and eligibility for disability benefits.

Before you receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you have to qualify for them. Social Security looks at a number of factors other than your illness or medical condition. You will also have to submit documents that support your claim for disability benefits.

#4.  You have enough work credits to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

If you want to apply for benefits, first make sure you have enough work credits. Some benefit programs don’t rely on your work history, but Social Security Disability Insurance does.

Workers can earn up to four credits per year based on their income. Your work credits continue to accumulate as long as you are working and earning enough money. In 2020, you could earn one credit for each $1,410 of income up to four credit total.

Social Security has a sliding scale that determines how many work credits you need to qualify. It’s partially based on your age and how many years you have worked in a certain time period before your disability date. This part of the application process can be difficult to understand. It’s best if an experienced Social Security attorney discusses it with you.

Do you need to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits?

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