5 Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Accident

5 Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Accident

When an animal attacks, the victim is often taken by surprise and doesn’t have time to react or defend themselves. Commonly, when dog bite accident injuries occur its when there is an unleashed dog. Dog bite accident injuries can be severe and extensive, and it’s important to know what to do if you or a loved one are attacked and injured. Here are 5 steps to take after a dog bite accident:

  1. Get Medical Attention for the Dog Bite Victim

The first step to take after a dog bite accident is to make sure the victim is safe and get them medical attention. Dog bite accident injuries can be serious, and the extent of the damage is not always immediately evident. Therefore, canine-inflicted injuries need to be evaluated by a medical professional.

Dog bite attack victims can suffer injuries such as:

  • Lacerations
  • Punctured skin
  • Facial wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Eye damage
  • Head and neck damage
  • Nerve damage, and
  • Psychological trauma

When left untreated, dog bite accident injuries may get worse, lead to infection, or cause more serious health conditions and concerns. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the victim medical attention as soon as possible after their dog bite accident.

  1. Take Pictures of the Dog Bite Injuries and the Scene

The second thing to do after suffering dog bite accident injuries is to take pictures of the victim’s wounds, the animal, and the scene. After a vicious attack, there can be a lot of confusion and chaos. Those involved may not have observed or been able to recall important details about the dog bite event. Therefore, if someone is injured due to a dog or other animal attack, you will want to be sure to take pictures of the incident and the area where it took place. If possible, use your phone or another device to capture images of the injury, the dog, and the scene of the attack.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and expenses. Having images of your dog bite wounds and other details can help you and your dog bite lawyer establish the extent of your damages.

  1. Get Contact Information and Details from the Owner and Witnesses

 The third step to take if you or a loved one suffers a dog bite is to get information from the dog’s owner and other witnesses to the attack. The dog owner can provide you with details regarding the animal’s vaccination history and give you their contact information. Additionally, you will want to get witness information and details so that those who saw the incident can be contacted later if necessary.

  1. Report the Incident to the Appropriate Animal Control Authority

The fourth thing to do after a dog bite attack is to report the incident to the appropriate animal control authority. Depending on the community, the appropriate authority may be a local animal control office or a law enforcement entity.

Reporting the dog bite accident is essential because it will notify the proper authority about the animal and prompt an investigation. The investigating body will gather details about the incident, your dog bite accident injuries, and prepare a file or report.

Your dog bite attorney will know how to get copies of the documents and information from the authority’s investigation. This evidence can help you, and your dog bite lawyer prove the extent of your damages in your case.

  1. Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer As Soon as Possible

The fifth thing to do after a dog bite accident is to contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Dog bite injuries are often serious and can have significant health consequences for the victim. If you have been attacked and bitten, you may be entitled to compensation for your dog bite injuries. However, the law limits the time a dog bite victim has to protect their rights. Therefore, it’s vital that you contact a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

By following these 5 steps to take after your dog bite accident you can the  help you need for your dog bite accident injuries.

Dog Bite victims may be entitled to personal injury damages (compensation) for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and time at work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of enjoyment

Often, even when a party is responsible for another’s injuries, they or the insurance company will try to minimize their liability, so they will have to pay as little as possible. An experienced dog bite lawyer knows how insurance companies and other aspects of personal injury cases operate and can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

You or your loved one may have suffered expensive and painful dog bite accident injuries, and you should recover your full damages. Working with an experienced dog bite lawyer is essential to you understanding your available damages and proving your case. At the Dailey Firm, P.C., we have experience helping dog bite victims get the compensation they need and deserve after their attack.

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