5 Tips for What NOT to Do After a Car Accident

5 tips for what not to do after a car accident

Dan felt terrible after his car accident, physically and emotionally. So, it is no surprise that he did not handle the aftermath of the collision very well. First, he and the other drivers got out of their cars and wandered around along the side of a very busy street. They didn’t talk very much, except for Dan’s repeated apologies about the accident. When first responders arrived, he insisted he was fine. Days later, Dan called his insurance company. He couldn’t tell them much about the other driver and just wanted it to be over. He accepted the first offer the insurance company made, even though it seemed low, and moved on with his life – well, the best he could with no car and a back that hurt every time he moved. Dan could have avoided some stress and gotten the compensation he desperately needed if only he had known what NOT to do after a car accident.

Avoid Dan’s mistakes. DON’T do the following:

#1.  Ignore Safety at the Scene.

Just because one accident has already occurred does NOT mean that you are safe because lightning doesn’t strike twice. Drivers may be speeding by, distracted by your accident, and hit you or your cars. Stay in a safe place, preferably in the safety of your own car if at all possible.

Also, this is a good time to ask everyone in the car if they are okay. They may need medical attention, so call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

#2.  Refuse Medical Care After a Car Accident.

Some people are embarrassed by their car crash and just want to go home. Unfortunately, they may ignore the fact that some accident injuries do not show up right away. For instance, you may not feel the effects of soft tissue injuries for several days.

Play it safe. Let emergency personnel check you out or go to the hospital – or both. You may need the ambulance and ER records to prove your personal injury claim.

#3.  Say You Were at Fault.

Never, never, never say you caused the accident. Do not apologize to the other people involved and especially do not admit that you did or did not do something.

Say only what is absolutely necessary until you have talked to a car accident lawyer.

#4.  Forget to Gather Contact Information

You cannot call the other guy’s insurance carrier if you do not have his insurance information. Likewise, your insurance company may have trouble talking to the other driver if you can’t give them a name and phone number.

Unless you have all been seriously injured in the accident, always make sure to get important information at the scene.

#5.  Try Handling Your Accident and Personal Injury Claims by Yourself.

Dan’s final mistake was in trying to deal with his personal injury case all by himself. Personal injury attorneys:

Know how to assess your case.

Can negotiate with insurance companies to get the best settlement possible.

Know when and how to file a lawsuit.

Although it’s tempting to do it yourself, avoid temptation. Talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

After a Car Accident, Contact an Accident Attorney

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