How to Get Compensated Without Going to Trial

how to get compensated without going to trial

Sometimes litigation may seem like a necessary evil. You’ve been harmed by someone else’s negligence, so they should pay for your damages, right? But if you file a lawsuit, the thought of attending depositions and, even worse, going to trial can be daunting. However, there are ways to get compensation without going to trial.

You Can Accept a Claim from the Person Who Injured You or Their Insurance Company.

However – and this is big – you need to remember that the insurance company is not acting in your best interests. They probably will not offer you the full amount you deserve.

Always talk to a lawyer before agreeing to accept a settlement. It’s tempting to just take the money and run, but you may be shortchanging yourself and your loved ones.

You Can Turn to Mediation Instead of Going to Trial.

Trials often look fun in movies and television shows. In the real world, they can be stressful to everyone involved.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is often used as, well, an alternative to trial. Before or after filing a lawsuit, you and the other parties might schedule a session with a mediator. As an objective, impartial third party, your mediator should listen to what everyone wants to get out of your legal disagreement.

Note, however, that the mediator does not force you into a settlement. Instead, he or she serves as a facilitator. During the mediator, the mediator meets with both parties and carries their suggestions back and forth hoping to reach middle ground. If you and your attorney are satisfied, all the parties can draft and sign a settlement agreement.

In some ways, mediation is a kinder, gentler way to solve what can sometimes be pretty nasty legal disagreements – all without going to trial.

Other advantages to mediation are that costs are lower, and you are more likely to keep your agreement confidential.

You and Your Attorney Can Negotiate a Settlement.

Sometimes trying to reach an agreement before you file a lawsuit just does not work because you don’t have all the information you need. In some cases, you may file a complaint first, then gather the information you need to make informed negotiations instead of going to trial.

In fact, many cases settle on the eve of trial. Putting a case before a jury can be risky because jurors can be unpredictable. Even if you cannot get everything you want from the settlement, you may get more than a jury would be willing to give you.

We Understand How You Can Be Compensated Whether You Go to Trial or Not

The important thing is to go after the compensation you deserve. Talk to one of our attorneys about how to achieve that goal without going to trial.

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