Injured? You May Have a Personal Injury Claim

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We often get questions from people who might have a personal injury claim. It seems almost every day, someone somewhere is harmed by another person’s action or inaction. In this article, we will explore potential personal injury cases. But please remember that the details of your case strongly affect whether you have a case or not. Discuss your injury with a personal injury attorney for more specific advice.

Personal Injury Claims: The Basics

An incident or accident might result in harm to your body, mind, emotions, and property. Damage to an item you own usually is not considered a “personal” injury. For example, if you are riding in an elevator that malfunctions, you might experience long-lasting fear, broken bones, and a broken laptop. Your personal injury claim might cover the fear and broken bones, but not the laptop. However, this does not mean you can’t receive financial recovery for your laptop as part of a settlement or judgment. Damage to property typically is not strictly considered a personal injury claim.

Some of the following situations often lead to a personal injury case:

  • Automobile accidents,
  • Medical errors,
  • Slipping and falling,
  • Being bitten by a dog or other animal,
  • Injuries caused by a defective product, and
  • Libel and slander.

If you have been physically or emotionally injured, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. You may have a personal injury claim that will provide the compensation that will help you recover.

Just a Few Reasons You Might Have a Personal Injury Claim

Financial compensation is probably the main reason most people take legal action after being hurt. But some other important results make filing a personal injury claim appealing:

  • Medical malpractice lawsuits may help people get better care in the future.
  • Addressing the negligent actions of an individual or a business can encourage or even force them to change their ways.
  • Your case may spotlight an insurance company’s abusive behavior toward accident victims and hold the insurer accountable.

Whatever the reason, discuss your injuries with an attorney as soon as possible after your injury occurs.

The Potential for Compensation

It’s impossible to say that all personal injury claims will receive a certain amount of money. Too many factors can influence how much or how little you will receive, including:

  • How badly you were injured. Minor injuries typically result in lower compensation. More serious injuries usually result in higher medical costs and longer-term effects. Part of the money you receive usually goes to pay medical providers.
  • Who was responsible for your injuries. Some states, including Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, apply comparative negligence to personal injury claims. This means that if you were partially at fault for your accident, any financial recovery you receive will be reduced by your percentage of negligence. If you are 51% or more at fault you will get nothing.
  • The responsible party’s ability to pay compensation. You may find that your personal injury claim is covered by another party’s insurance. If there’s no insurance, does the responsible person have assets to pay a judgment?

The complexity of a personal injury claim is exactly why you need to speak to a legal representative who understands personal injury laws.

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