What Happens if I Live in One State but Get Hurt in Another State?

what happens if i live in one state but get hurt in another state

Americans are fairly mobile people. Even when we’ve been slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic, there is a good chance we may cross state lines to visit friends and family. Some people, especially those who live close to the border, may live in one state but work in another. What happens, though, if you get hurt in another state? You need legal representation, but now you have to decide where to hire your attorney.

Personal Injury, Generally

At some point in your life, someone may have hurt you. It could have been a person or a company. The damages you suffered may lead you to file a personal injury claim seeking compensation from whoever caused your pain.

Personal injury claims can arise from negligence, strict liability, or intentional wrongs.  For example, your car may be struck by another driver who was driving while texting (negligence). Strict liability cases involve products that are dangerous because the designers or manufacturers made mistakes. Finally, someone may deliberately do something to you that harms you. Sometimes this type of situation leads to criminal charges, but civil cases are also a possibility.

Knowing where to file a personal injury lawsuit can be challenging if you get hurt in another state than the one in which you live. Generally, you would need a legal representative, a personal injury lawyer, to help you pursue your claims. Even so, should you hire an attorney near you or near where you were hurt?

Hiring an Attorney in Another State… or Not?

The first issue continues to be where you will file a lawsuit. In most cases, you will do this in the area where the injury occurred.

Maybe you already have an attorney-client relationship with a lawyer near your home. However, your local attorney may not be able to help you if you were hurt in another state.

For example, Jack travels from his home in Illinois to visit his mother in Michigan. While in Michigan, he is seriously injured when a drunk driver collides with him. After recovering enough to travel, he returns to his home, where he calls up Attorney Smith, who prepared Jack’s Will last year. Jack learns that Attorney Smith does not handle personal injury cases and, more importantly, is not licensed to practice law in Michigan. Jack calls a local personal injury attorney with offices in several states, including Illinois and Michigan. This attorney has the resources in Michigan to help him and can legally represent him in Michigan. However, this attorney’s offices are nearby, so Jack can easily meet with him when necessary.

What to Do When You Get Hurt in Another State

Obviously, you want to recover as quickly as possible. Getting the financial recovery you need also may be an important goal.

You need professional advice if another person has harmed you. That’s why it is so important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Typically, you want a lawyer who understands the right state laws if you get hurt in another state.

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