7 Current and Future Medical Mass Torts

7 Current and Future Medical Mass Torts

We usually go to a doctor or hospital, hoping to feel better. But some people actually find that their medical treatment has hurt rather than helped. Sometimes a prescription, procedure, or medical device causes adversely affects a patient’s outcome. The patient then may file a medical malpractice claim to receive financial compensation for their troubles. In some cases, many patients who have been harmed join together to file medical mass torts.

A mass tort is one act or omission that hurts many people. For example, the following seven medical mass torts are based on medical products or devices that harmed a great number of patients.

#1.  Taxotere

Doctors often treat cancer patients with strong drugs, hoping to eliminate the disease. Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation have been known for years. Taxotere, a drug used to treat breast cancer, had a side effect that plaintiffs in medical mass tort cases claim caused permanent hair loss. In fact, plaintiffs claim that the drug manufacturer knew of the side effect but failed to warn patients.

#2.  Opioids

Patients in pain hope to find peace through medications. However, strong painkillers called opioids can be addictive. Thousands of patients and their families have sued manufacturers that failed to warn of opioid’s side effects and addictive qualities.

#3.  Surgical Mesh

Hernias are quite common. If left untreated, patients could suffer severe pain and other unpleasant consequences. One of the primary treatments for hernias involves the use of surgical mesh. Unfortunately, the mesh can also cause serious problems like bowel obstruction, sepsis, and death.

#4.  Essure

This product is a form of permanent birth control for women that was sold and distributed by Bayer. Some users had reported that the drug caused persistent pain. Others developed holes in their uterus or fallopian tubes or issues from the device moving around.

#5.  Xarelto

This prescription blood thinner became a medical mass tort after causing serious internal bleeding. Many patients suffered from this side effect, and some died.

#6.  IVC Filters

An inferior vena cava (IVC) filter is a small device that was intended to help stop a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. Injured patients participated in medical mass tort lawsuits claiming that defective devices were difficult or impossible to remove. Also, some devices migrated within patients, possibly putting their lives in jeopardy.

#7.  Valsartan

This drug was widely used to treat heart failure and high blood pressure. However, patients who used Valsartan developed several specific types of cancer, including cancer of the liver, intestines, stomach, and kidneys. This drug became part of a growing list of medical mass torts because of tests showing it contained several allegedly cancer-causing drugs.

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