Indiana Personal Injury Attorney in Action: Filing a Lawsuit in a Post-COVID World

Indiana Personal Injury Attorney in Action Filing a Lawsuit in a Post-COVID World

Whether you are embroiled in a bitter legal battle or just hoping to get compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, you might be concerned about filing a lawsuit in a post-COVID world. After all, it makes sense that government shutdowns, restrictions, and social distancing might somewhat alter the whole process. Your Indiana personal injury attorney can help with your litigation needs.

The Pathway to Filing a Lawsuit Before Coronavirus Struck

Some stages of a lawsuit remained the same. You and your Indiana personal injury lawyer will investigate your claim before taking action. You might gather records, locate witnesses, and get expert opinions.  It is also important to make sure you are filing in the proper court and suing the right person or company.

Once you were ready to proceed, your attorney prepares the documents you need to file with the court. You will have copies of your complaint or petition served on the defendants, the people or companies you are suing.

At least some of the work you do before filing a lawsuit will be done in person. For example, you might have face-to-face meetings with your attorney and his or her staff.

However, the coronavirus public health emergency altered the way lawyers and courts handle litigation.

Changes to the Process After COVID-19

At the early stages, you will still be in touch with your Indiana personal injury lawyer. However, some law firms have implemented safety measures that preclude face-to-face contact. Communications might occur by telephone or via an online video platform like Zoom. Even though you are not in the same room, it’s still possible and probable that you and your lawyers can work through getting your case ready.

Indiana courts have monitored the situation and come up with guidance to help protect court staff, attorneys, and the public. For example, courts might hold hearings and other meetings by telephone or by video. When it comes to filing your lawsuit, your Indiana personal injury attorney most likely can e-file your complaint.

It’s important to note that courts were operating on an emergency basis at the time this article was published. This means that courts are addressing high-priority situations first. While this situation might cause a delay in proceeding with your lawsuit, filing the lawsuit in a timely manner is critical. Statute of limitations laws limit the time that you can file, so talk to your attorney as soon as possible.

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